Dynamic Neural Arts utilises innovative technologies to design and commercialise scientifically validated products that improve neural performance.

Dynamic Neural Arts is an organisation that brings together leading designers, software engineers, scientists and medical technology commercialisation experts. The collaborative effort has created an integrated software and hardware technology system for the global rehabilitation market. The team of researchers has worked together for over 10 years to develop the interactive digital media solutions for movement rehabilitation.

The multidisciplinary team combines expertise in digital design, games, computer science (RMIT), psychology (ACU), and neuropsychology (Griffith). Completed clinical studies in Australia and Europe have demonstrated the efficacy of the product in adults and children with a BI. Further clinical trials are ongoing.


EDNA is the world’s first upper-limb brain injury rehabilitation system to integrate clinic and home therapy.

Elements by Dynamic Neural Arts (EDNA) is an interactive therapy system for rehabilitation of patients with an acquired brain injury, typically from stroke or trauma. EDNA includes a range of engaging and intuitive game-like software tasks, tangible and graspable tools, and augmented feedback to enhance patient’s motor function and cognitive skills. These repetitive exercises have been shown to promote neuronal plasticity to regain lost brain function.

EDNA therapy can be performed in the clinic or hospital on EDNA-55, a height adjustable and interactive touchscreen table that facilitates therapist lead rehabilitation. EDNA-22 is a portable interactive touchscreen device that allows patients to continue rehabilitation therapy in the home following cloud based delivery of a tailored program.

Key Features

Quantitatively assesses performance over time to show improvement.

Demonstrates superior efficacy to ‘usual care’.

Captures patient attention and maintains patient motivation.

Scientifically Accepted
Clinically tested and published in peer review journals.

Tasks can be modified depending on the level of disability.

Facilitates in-hospital and in-home usage.

News & Publications

EDNA improves motor, cognitive and funcational outcomes in adult stroke.
(Journal of Neuro Engineering and Rehabilitation) - 2.4MB PDF


The talented team at Dynamic Neural Arts has been working together for over 10 years with expertise in digital design, games, computer science, psychology, neuropsychology and commercialisation of novel and innovative technologies.

A.Prof Jonathan Duckworth

Prof Peter Wilson

Andrew Batty

Ross Eldridge

Dr Jeff Rogers


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